Adopted October 2015


The name of this association is the Women’s Golf Association at Bear Trap Dunes (WGA@BTD).  “WGA@BTD” and “Association” may be used interchangeably and synonymously.


The purpose of WGA@BTD is to further promote the best interests and true spirit of the game of golf among the members of the Association regardless of skill level.  Activities are planned to create a social atmosphere among the members and provide information about golf opportunities outside of the community.  Association supports those local community and annual charitable fundraisers that are approved by the Association.


Section 1:  There are two types of membership within the Association; golf and social.

Section 2:  Golf members of the Association are members in good standing of Bear Trap Dunes golf club.  Golf members are eligible to participate in any WGA@BTD golf activities and WPGA golf events.

Section 3:  Social members of the Association are residents of The Village at Bear Trap Dunes and/or a spouse of a member, in good standing, of Bear Trap Dunes golf club.  Social members are non-voting members and are not eligible to hold Officer positions within the Association.  Social members are not entitled to participate in any WGA@BTD golf related activities.

Section 4:  Both golf and social members are required to complete the Annual Membership Form and be current on payment of dues as stipulated within the general membership letter distributed by the Association.

Section 5:  In the event membership with Bear Trap Dunes golf club is terminated, with either the Association member or spouse of a club member, membership in the Association is terminated.  As such, participation in any golf activities of the Association is terminated.


Section 1:  The Officers of the Association shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 2:  The Board of the Association shall be comprised of its Officers, the immediate past President (acting in an advisory capacity), Committee Chairs and/or delegates as may be appointed by the Officers of the WGA@BTD.

Section 3:  Officers and Committee Chairs – Officers are elected by the general membership at the fall meeting and serve a specific term of office.  Committee chairs may be either appointed by an Officer or elected and serve a specific term of office as outlined in Section 5.

Section 4:   Election Process – Prior to the Fall Membership meeting, there will be a call for any nominations to fill open Board positions in the upcoming year.  Golf members will have the opportunity to submit their name as part of the slate of candidates to be voted on by the General Membership at the Fall meeting.

Section 5:  Term and Vacancies – The Officers and Committee Chairs elected by a majority of the members at the Fall Meeting will assume their duties at the close of the meeting.  All Officers shall serve a two year term.  The President and Treasurer elections shall be held in even years and the Vice President and Secretary elections shall be held in odd years.  Re-election may be permissible.  Officers not able to fulfill a term will notify the Officers and a new, temporary Officer will be appointed by the Officers for the remainder of the term.  Vacancies occurring within Board positions shall be appointed by the Officers.  In the event the office of the President becomes vacant, the Vice President shall assume the duties of the President for the remainder of the term.  The Officers will seek the appointment of a new Vice President to fill the remainder of the term.  All appointee(s) shall hold the office for the remainder of the term.


Section 1:  Two General Membership meetings shall be held each year, one in the spring and one in the fall.  Special meetings may be called at any time by the Officers or a majority of the Association.

Section 2:  The Board of the WGA@BTD shall meet at a minimum of two times per season, prior to the opening General Membership Meeting in the spring and prior to the closing General Membership Meeting in the fall.  Interim and special meetings may be held as necessary.


Section 1:  Any golf member of the Association, in good standing, shall be eligible to vote.  Business requiring voting, other than making amendments to the By-Laws, shall be presented to the Association and must be passed by a majority vote.

Section 2:  A quorum shall consist of 51% of the membership in attendance at any meeting, and any absentee votes submitted in accordance with the election process.


Section 1: The By-Laws shall govern the voting and nomination procedures, responsibilities of Officers, Committee/Delegate functions and other activities of the Association.


Section 1:  Association By-Laws may be amended at any meetings of the Association and must be passed by a majority vote. Proposed changes in the By-Laws must be presented to the membership at least thirty (30) days prior to a membership vote.  Electronic votes will be accepted from any member who is unable to attend a meeting in person.


Section 1: President – Preside over all meetings of the Association; represent the WGA at meetings, as necessary, with Troon and the Pro Staff; Ex-officio member of all committees; prepare distribution letter for the new year; review and provide revisions to the Annual Ladies Day brochure distributed in the beginning of the season; plan with other officers and committee members interclub activities and social functions; send out weekly notices about the game format to be played on Ladies Day; responsible for insuring that BTD maintains its membership in the WPGA and in the Delaware Women’s Golf Association (DWGA); general supervision of all business and financial matters of the WGA, and expend funds as necessary in the event the Treasurer is not available.

Section 2:  Vice President – Assume the position of the President if that office should become vacant; preside over meetings of the Association in the absence of the President; perform duties as directed by the President; work with the President on any revisions to the Annual Ladies Day brochure distributed in the beginning of the season; assist the President in organizing and planning interclub activities and social functions, and, along with the President, meet with the Pro Staff to make suggestions for improvements to the WGA@BTD season.

Section 3:  Secretary – Keep minutes of the Association/Board and attend to Association correspondence; collect all membership forms and record membership in the association; ensure Association golf members are members in good standing at Bear Trap Dunes golf club; ensure the treasurer is given all checks received for membership; maintain a current roster of Association members and retain a copy of the by-laws; notify the Board/members of all meetings; assist the President and Vice President in composing distribution letter for the new year; communicate with members regarding member news and upcoming events, and work with the President and Vice President to prepare the Ladies Booklet at the beginning of each season.

Section 4:  Treasurer – Deposit all dues and money of the Association in its bank account; reconcile bank account(s) on a monthly basis; expend such funds at the direction of the President and the Officers; maintain a current account of all receipts and disbursements; submit a financial report in writing to the officers at each meeting (as requested) and the general meetings in the spring and fall; other duties as directed by the President; prepare draft budget for review by the Officers; provide actual vs budget at September meeting, and act as a signor on the Association’s bank account, in addition to another Officer of the WGA@BTD.

Section 5: Additional responsibilities of each Officer position may be adjusted as needed to support the mission of the Association.


Section 1:  Committees may be established in order to support the purpose of the Association and/or as deemed warranted by the Officers.  All committee chairs shall report to the President of the WGA@BTD.

Section 2:  Sunshine Committee – Provides newsworthy information to the Association typically non-golf related life events (i.e. new grandchildren, graduations, etc.)

Section 3:  Lady Bears on Wheels – Organizes with Bear Trap Dunes (BTD) professional golf staff golf and/or other social outings at other clubs for the Association.

Section 4:  Dunes Pink Classic – Organizes the annual golf tournament fundraiser which supports the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition.

Section 5:  Delegate to the WPGA – Responsible for attending all meetings of the WPGA, coordinating the membership process with the Officers of the Association and providing updates to all members of the Association of the tournament schedule and other information as necessary.

Section 6: Delegate to the DWGA – Responsible for attending all meetings of the DWGA as applicable.  Provides updates to all members of the Association regarding tournament schedules and other information as necessary.


Section 1:  Guests of Association golf members are welcome to participate in the WGA@BTD Ladies Days.  Guests are responsible for paying the Bear Trap Dunes golf club guest fee.  Guests are not eligible to participate in Ladies Day prize events as they are reserved solely for WGA@BTD golf members.


Section 1:  The WGA@BTD maintains certain tangible and intangible property to support its purpose.   All mailing lists, e-mail distribution lists and all other tangible and intangible Association property is solely for its own use and is not available for use by other parties for any purpose.