We attended the DWGA opening meeting on Saturday April 2.  Here are some salient points.  If you joined the DWGA you will no longer get a membership card in the mail.  Instead, you can go online to the member’s portal, set up an account and print out a paper showing you are a member.  Also in the member portal (managed by member planet) you can download the mobile application to your phone.  You can just show your membership information to any club right from your phone.  Another mobile application to download is the DSGA Score posting application called DSGA GolfLife.  This allows you to post a score from your phone as soon as you complete your round.   You can also verify what your handicap is at away golf courses.  If you want to get all the news from the DWGA on your facebook news feed, like the DWGA on facebook.

The tournament schedule is set and is available on line at the DWGA website.  A hard copy is also now posted in the ladies locker room.  This year there are some additional DSGA sponsored tournaments that will now have a women’s division.  You can get more information on that schedule on the DWGA website click on the tournament tab and then scroll down and click on DSGA women’s events for all the details.  In past years the DWGA has held a closing dinner with golf preceding the dinner.  This year the DWGA in conjunction with the DSGA will have a closing team challenge tournament with closing dinner after.  This event will be taking place at Cripple Creek, and will be popular so if you are interested in this event, keep your eyes open for registration information coming in June!  You can also access the open days on line as well.  Please note that the open days at many of the premier clubs are limited, so check the schedule and plan accordingly.

Aside from the tournaments, there are also some interesting travel opportunities including a golf trip to Myrtle Beach in the fall.  Again for more information, go to the DWGA website, click on the tournament tab and you will see a tab for Myrtle Beach 2016 and for other travel.

This year is the State team selection year for the USGA Women’s State Team competition which will take place at the Club at Las Campanas in Santa Fe NM on 9/26-28 2017.  Unlike in past years where team selection was based on a point system for winning, placing in certain tournaments, this year DWGA members or juniors (18 or under) who have a handicap index of 9.9 or lower can submit a tournament resume to the DWGA board for consideration. The Board will select the team based on USGA requirements (residency, NCAA rules, etc.) and past performance in local, regional and national events.

This year there is a new USGA golf rule which is very important for us to know about.  The rule no longer permits you to post a score for handicap purposes, if you have played alone.  The details of this new rule and some other rules changes are posted on the board in the ladies locker room.  All of the particulars of this new rule and other rule changes will also be discussed at our Rules Clinic on April 28.

The DWGA is joining other organizations, sponsors, etc. in promoting Women’s Golf Day on June 7.  This is an event to promote and encourage more girls and women to get involved in the game of golf.  Clubs all of the world will be having programs from 4 to 8pm or so with some combination of golf, instruction and socializing.  I am working with our pro staff to design a fun program here at Bear Trap on June 7.  Mark the date on your calendar, more information to come!

Finally, this is the 30th Anniversary of the Scholarship Fund and there will be a Golf Tournament for the Fund on October 3 at Rehoboth Beach Country Club.  It will be a four person team event open to both men and women teams.  It will be very popular so if interested keep an eye out for registration information!