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What’s New

May 3 is the opening day for Ladies’ Day!  Hope to see many members playing that day!  We have 51 golf members and 8 social members to date.

The WGA held its Spring Business Meeting on April 28, at 1 pm in the Dunes Room.  A separate email containing the minutes of the meeting will be sent to the WGA members.

Friday Tee Times

In an effort to provide lots of opportunities to get out and golf and meet other ladies in the WGA, we will be having Friday tee times for WGA members. Donna Tanguay will be coordinating and managing these tee times which will start in May and run through September. There will be three tee times, generally from 10:45-11:03, (slight shifts in times from week to week).  Donna will send out email to all members of the WGA on Saturday identifying the tee times for the following Friday.  You must respond to Donna ASAP if you are interested in playing, but no later than  Monday at 5 pm.  All slots will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.  Donna will advise all players as to who is in and who is on the waiting list.  Any unused times will be released back to the pro shop by Tuesday afternoon.  On Friday, we will toss names/golf balls in a hat to determine groupings and order of play.  We have tried group tee times in the past (Mondays and Saturdays), but both programs were not successful.  Because Fridays are busy days at BTD, if we do not get a good turnout or have lots of folks cancelling at the last minute such that there are unused tee times not returned to the pro shop in a timely fashion, Neil will not let us continue this program.  Therefore, please do not sign up if you are not sure you can play, and also notify Donna ASAP if you can no longer play so that all slots can be filled from the waiting list.  If we get a good turnout, we may ask a different gal each week to come up with a Friday game that will be fun for players at all levels.



Our membership roster stands at 59 members to date,  including 8 social members.  

Starting with the April Newsletter, newsletters and email blasts will be sent only to WGA members.
We will close our membership to the WPGA on May 1.  If you are interested in joining that group via the WGA, you must join now. The fee is $15, payable to the WGA.   We will send in our last membership check to them on May 2.


  Sunshine News

Sending our best wishes to Mabel Lee, who was injured in a car accident this month. She has undergone knee surgery, suffered bruising, and is recuperating at her home.  Unfortunately, golf is not in her immediate future.  Drop an email to her at mabel.lee@mac.com to wish her well, or a card to her home address, 23106 Yellowwood Dr., Clarksburg, MD 20871.

Babies galore!
We congratulate Neil and Lindsay Maurer on the birth of their twin girls, Cassidy and Harper!   Also, Ed and Aubre Duncan on the birth of grandsons Cameron and Nolan!  Both sets of twins were due on the same day!  The boys arrived on April 19, only hours before the girls, who were born on April 20!
Steve and Maureen Jones are celebrating the birth of a grandson, Hudson, who arrived on April 19.

Sunshine Lady:  Kathy Murray
If you have information you would like to share with the WGA@ BTD membership, contact Kathy.

 Our Member’s

The Birdie Board is ready!  It is on the back wall of the locker room.  There are pink flags and pins attached to the board…just write your name, the date, and the hole you birdied, and pin it to the board!  There is a sample pinned to the top corner of the board.  And don’t forget the 2 Club Pin!  You might earn a dollar or two for your birdie!!

Don’t forget to keep track of your achievements on the course. Use your card in the Participation Points box to record your participation in upcoming events, and record your milestone achievements on the appropriate page on the clipboard, depositing your attested scorecard in the marked box.  Pins will be given out on Ladies’ Days to members of the WGA who earn them.  If you do not have a card with your name on it in the box, please contact mscurran94@gmail.

Share your golf achievements with us.  Send them to Kathy Murray to include in the Newsletter.

WPGA Information

Mo Gallagher and Donna Tanguay attended the Spring Meeting of the WPGA at Maple Dale CC on April 6.

The WPGA is concerned about low participation in its tournaments.  Perhaps members would be more likely to play if the tournament was only a one day event.  Check the WPGA website and mark your calendars for tournament dates.  Forms can be printed from the website, and some will be posted on our locker bulletin board. Bear Trap will host a tournament  on Sept. 5, 2017, which will be a 2 better ball of 4 format.

Donna has volunteered to be a part of the bylaws revision committee of the WPGA, and to participate in a task force committee to explore the goal of expanding WPGA membership.

You will receive a generic membership card to the WPGA, without your name printed on it.  Each participating golf club will have a list of WPGA members.  The pro shop will check to be sure you are on the list when you make your tee time, and you must show identification upon arriving at the pro shop to pay your fee.

The match play team has been selected, and will include Karen Sergison, Diane Shawver, Nancy Tucker, Danette Travaglini, Mo Gallagher, Donna Tanguay, Meg Haney, Aubre Duncan, Carolyn Fajardo, Linda Fiscus, Jane Lyons and Paula Ott. Thank you to these ladies for stepping up to the tee for our club

Women’s Peninsula Golf Association

If you have questions please contact Maureen Gallagher, our BTD rep for the WPGA at mhg21146@yahoo.com.
Visit their website @ wpga-md-del.org/
BTD Rep:  Maureen Gallagher


DWGA Information

The DWGA Opening Meeting was held on Saturday, April 2.  Below is a summary of important points   A full and detailed summary is available for review on the BTD ladies website, http://btdladies.com/dwga-2016-spring-meeting-notes/

  • No membership cards this year.  Print your own from the member portal on the DWGA website.
  • Two mobile apps to download to your phone. DWGA Member Planet gives you all the DWGA details at your fingertips.  DSGA Golflife is the DSGA mobile app for posting scores.
  • Tournament schedule is set and can be viewed on-line at the DWGA website. Hard copy is also posted in locker room.  NOTE: closing tourney and dinner will be done jointly with the DSGA at Cripple Creek in October.  Registration info will be out in June!
  • New this year- some DSGA sponsored tourneys will have a women’s division. They are listed on DWGA website at “tournaments  as DSGA women’s events.
  • Golf travel opportunities are also available through the DWGA- check the website for details.
  • New USGA rules this year! See the bulletin board in the locker room for details.
  • Women’s Golf Day June 7 is a worldwide event to promote more girls and women playing golf.  BTD will participate in this event.  Details to follow.
  • 30th Anniversary of the Scholarship  Fund will be celebrated with a golf tourney at Rehoboth Beach Country Club, and will be very popular.  Keep an eye out for registration.
  • This is the State Team selection year.  If you have a handicap index of 9.9 or lower, see the website for details on how to qualify.
Delaware Women’s Golf Association

If you have questions please contact Donna Tanguay, our BTD rep for the DWGA at donnatanguay74@gmail.com.

Visit their website at http://www.dwga.org/ 
BTD Rep:  Donna Tanguay 

  Giving Back

The WGA@BTD members support various charitable organizations.

Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition & The Dunes Pink Classic

The Dunes Pink Classic is only a month away, and plans for this tournament are in the final stages.  Our golf field was sold out in record time!  

If you have a home on the golf course, the committee would like very much to give you ribbons and balloons to decorate your back porch/deck/patio.  Please contact us and we will provide a decoration package to help celebrate our Tenth Anniversary tournament!  Email Marie Curran at mscurran94@gmail.com!


Bears On Wheels

Unfortunately, the Bears on Wheels trip to Peninsula for April 27 was cancelled because of rain.

Danette is working on the May 12 trip, which will be to Heritage Shores in Bridgeville, DE.  The sign up sheet will be posted 2 weeks before the trip.  If you are not in the area, you may call the pro shop to add your name to the list.  There are four tee times available for this outing.  Danette is exploring the possibility of getting a 9 hole tee time as well.  Look for more information via an email blast as soon as plans are finalized.

Contact: Danette Travaglini

Danette along with our club pros will coordinate tee times for road trips to area courses.  Generally there will be three tee times with sign-ups available – first come, first served.


 6  Wendy Cossman
 9   Mary Byrnes
14  Danette Travaglini
17  Pat Finlayson
29  Rene  Zimmer
31  Maureen Jones
31  Phyllis Aerenson

   1  Donna Tanguay
   8  Ruth Rendel
   8  Janice Schankel
   9  Aubre Duncan
 11  Cay Cutright
 22  Dawn Fisher



Upcoming Golf Events

  3 — Opening Ladies’ Day
10 – Bash to the Beach
       @ Peninsula
11 – Bash to the Beach
       @ Bayside
12 – Bears on Wheels to Heritage Shores    
17 – WPGA Match Play
       RBCC @ BTD
24 – WPGA Match Play
       CC @ BTD
25 – Salt Pond Ladies Day Opening
26 – WPGA Match Play
       @ OC
30 – BTD Memorial Day

6 – Dunes Pink Classic
7 – WPGA Match Play
      BTD @ KC
7 – Women’s Golf Day
13 – DWGA Amateur
& 14  @ Frog Hollow Golf Club
16 – WPGA Match Play Semi
18 – BTD Beat the Pros
21 – WPGA Match Play Finals
24 – Pepsi 1 BB 2 @
       Green Hill
28 – WPGA Chester River,
       1 BB 2

8 –  BTD Ladies Member-
& 9    Guest
13 – WPGA Great Hope,
       1 BB 2
16 – BTD Beat the Pros
20 – Wild Quail Invitational
25 – DWGA Red, White, Blue
       Scramble, Newark CC
26 – WPGA Championship,
       Wild Quail
27 – WPGA Championship,
       Wild Quail

6 – BTD Night Golf
9 – WPGA Sr/Super Sr Champ
     Nutters Crossing
9 –  DWGA Sr Championship
& 10    Maple Dale
13 – BTD Member-Member
16 – WPGA Maple Dale, 
        2 BB 4
18 – WPGA Officer Apprec.
        The Rookery North
22 – DWGA Blue/Gold
       Fieldstone Golf Club
23 – Eastern Shore Invitational
27 – BTD Club
& 28     Championship

1 – WPGA Captains Cove
      2 BB 4
5 – BTD Labor Day Scramble
12 – WPGA Kings Creek
        2 BB 4
13 – Ocean City Invitational
27 – Interclub vs. CC @ BTD
28 – Interclub vs. CC @ CC

5 – Prospect Bay Invitational
6 – Kings Creek Invitational
17 – DWGA Four Ball Champ
       Heritage Shores
22 – BTD Beat the Pros
22 – Member Closing Party
27 – DWGA Team Challenge

       Cripple Creek

2016 Board Members
Anne Sarao, President
Karen Sergison, Vice President 
Marie Curran, Secretary
Maureen McCollum, Treasurer
Kathy Murray, Sunshine Lady
Danette Travaglini, Bears on Wheels
Maureen Gallagher, WPGA Rep
Donna Tanguay, DWGA Rep

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