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Ladies’ Day begins on May 3!  Hope to see all there!

This year the WGA is bringing back milestone pins.  Each WGA member is entitled to one pin for each of their first time accomplishments out on the golf course.  Pins awards will be available on Ladies Day and also any other time you play as long as there is another WGA member present who can attest your card.  If you earn a milestone pin, fill out the appropriate entry on the log sheet in the locker room and leave your attested score card with the entry circled in the drop box which will also be in the locker room.  The available pins are as follows:

  • Eagle Pin
  • Birdie Pin
  • Hole-in-One
  • Chip In (not with a putter)

In addition to the above, for 18 hole play:

  • Broke 100 (for 28 and higher handicaps)
  • Broke 90
  • Broke 80
  • Broke 70

In addition to the  above for 9 hole play

  • Broke 60
  • Broke 50

We are also reviving the 2 Club.  If you are already a member, you have a pin and you are in! Here is how it works – if you score a 2 on a hole you can become a member of the 2 Club.  Of course, you must be playing with a member who is a member of the 2 Club and has her pin with her.
Any “non-2 Club” player who scores a 2 when playing with a “2 Club” member pays her $1.00 and can join and wear/carry the “2 Club” pin.  Place the relevant information on the log sheet in the ladies locker room to get your pin,  All new “2 Club” members are then eligible to induct other players into the club.

Once a “2 Club” member, if you score a 2 while playing with other “2 Club” members, all other “2 Club” members in your group will pay you $1.00 for your 2 score.

This year all members of the WGA@BTD will also receive points for participation in qualifying events throughout the season.  Each member of the WGA will have a card in the locker room to record all of the qualifying events they play in throughout the season.  At the end of the season, a dollar value will be determined for each point and everyone will receive shop credit for points earned.  Events that will earn you points are as follows:
One point:  Participation in Ladies’ Day and other WGA sponsored golf events
Three points:  Participation in all Bear Trap Dunes Golf sponsored tournaments including the Dunes Pink Classic.
Five points: Participation in the Club Championship, Member/Member, and Ladies Member-Guest Tournaments

Any activities which are restricted by the number of tee times available will not be counted toward participation points.


Join today!.

We have 43 ladies signed up for the WGA for the 2016 season, including 3 social members.  If you have not yet joined, please
click here for details on WGA Membership Info.  Look for information about joining the WPGA and DWGA in the  respective sections in this newsletter.

WGA Opening Day
There will be a season-opening business meeting on April 28 at the golf club. The meeting will be from 1-2 pm, followed by a rules presentation-discussion organized by Danette Travaglini and presented by the Pro staff. We will have an on-course demonstration from 2:30-3:30, followed by a Happy Hour!

All members are encouraged to attend.

  Sunshine News


Sunshine Lady:  Kathy Murray
If you have information you would like to share with the WGA@ BTD membership, contact Kathy.

 Our Member’s

Share your golf achievements with us.  Send them to Kathy Murray to include in the Newsletter.

WPGA Information

WPGA Match Play News

Spring greetings to potential WPGA  BTD Match play team members!  This year we are severely limited in the size of our team.  The roster is only 8 team members and 4 subs.  Given that limitation, we need to have all 12 ladies be fully committed to playing in the majority of the matches. Moreover, it is required for a player to have played in at least one of the preliminary matches in order to play in the semis/finals.  As in past years, the lowest available handicap players will play in the matches. To be eligible to represent BTD in these matches you need to be a member of the WPGA (see the sign up form on our website) and have an established handicap of not more than 40.4, based on 20 scores played within the last 24 months (from April 15, 2016 on back)  Please ensure that any scores from Florida or other in-season locations have been entered so that your handicap can be updated.

Here are the dates for this year’s WPGA Match Play:

April 13 at BTD: Team meeting, review of Match Play rules,  Ladies interested in finding out more about the workings of WPGA Match Play are invited to attend.  Any other questions about the WPGA will be fielded during that meeting.

May 3 – Bye week
May 17 vs. Rehoboth @ BTD (Kodiak/Black)
May 24 vs. Cripple Creek @ BTD (Kodiak/Black)
May 26 vs. OC @ OC
June 7 vs. Kings Creek @ Kings Creek
June 16  Semi-Finals
June 21  Finals
Please let me know by March 31 whether you are interested in playing match play and, if so, what your availability to play on each of the dates set forth above.  We must verify all handicaps and submit our roster by April 20.  Additionally, the WPGA would like all membership dues in by April 1, and asks that we send one check for the dues.

Women’s Peninsula Golf Association

We encourage all who are interested in joining the WPGA to include the $15 fee with your WGA dues when you join the WGA of Bear Trap Dunes.  If you have already joined the WGA without joining the WPGA, but would like to join, please contact Maureen Gallagher, our BTD rep for the WPGA, at mhg21146@yahoo.com.
Visit their website @ wpga-md-del.org/ for information about open day and  tournaments.
BTD Rep:  Maureen Gallagher

DWGA Information

Delaware Women’s Golf Association

Dues for the DWGA are reduced this year to $40.   You can join this organization by going to their website.  In the meantime, if you have questions please contact Donna Tanguay,  donnatanguay74@gmail.com.
Visit their website at http://www.dwga.org/
BTD Rep:  Donna Tanguay

  Giving Back

The WGA@BTD members support various charitable organizations.

Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition & The Dunes Pink Classic
The Dunes Pink Classic committee,along with the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition , is gearing up for its 10th Anniversary tournament be held on June 6.   There are many ways to donate to this effort.  Go to the website dunespinkclassic.com for more information on what contributions you can make to this worthy cause

Registration for participation in the Dunes Pink Classic begins on April 1!  All registration will be done on-line at dunespinkclassic.com!  Get your team together and register as soon as possible.  We have a 140 golfer limit, and space will be filled quickly!  Don’t miss out on this fun event!

The Beach and Bay Cottage Tour

Save the date!  The 25th Anniversary Beach and Bay Cottage Tour is Wednesday, July 27 and Thursday, July 28. The WGA will again this year support our South Coastal Library by volunteering as hostesses at one of the beautiful homes on this year’s tour.  This year is the 25th Anniversary of the Friends of the South Coastal Library’s two-day annual fundraiser when over 2,000 guests will be touring ten exceptional homes in our area. The tour is scheduled on July 27 and 28 from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.  The WGA will be hostesses at one of these homes on Thursday, July 28, in two shifts: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm, and 12:30 pm to 4 pm.  We will need 10 member volunteers per shift. Please mark the date on your calendar, and watch for more details as the date nears on which of the fabulous homes the WGA is assigned to this year, and how you can sign up to greet, direct and facilitate the many guests who will tour that home,  If you have any questions, please contact Linda Fiscus at 301-538-6375 or at
linda-fiscus@ comcast.net.

Bears On Wheels

Contact: Danette Travaglini

Danette along with our club pros will coordinate tee times for road trips to area courses.  Generally there will be three tee times with sign-ups available – first come, first served.

Our first Bears on Wheels outing will be to Peninsula Golf Course on April 27.  A sign-up sheet will be posted on the bulletin board outside of the Pro Shop two weeks before the event.

  Quick Tip

Note the April 28 date in the Membership section for news about a rules clinic and on-course demonstration!

30 – Annick Larson
30 – Gail Markiewicz

16 – Cynthia Mesher
25 – Lorrie Larew

Upcoming Golf Events

9 – BTD Beat the Pros
27- Bears on Wheels to Peninsula
28 – WGA Opening Meeting
3 – Ladies’ Day begins
10 – WPGA Match Play
10 – DWGA Bash to the
Beach @ Peninsula
11 – DWGA Bash to the
Beach @ Bayside
17 – WPGA Match Play
24 – WPGA Match Play
26 – WPGA Match Play
@ OC
30 – BTD Memorial Day

6 – Dunes Pink Classic
7 – WPGA Match Play
13 – DWGA Amateur
& 14  @ Frog Hollow Golf Club
16 – WPGA Match Play Semi
18 – BTD Beat the Pros
21 – WPGA Match Play Finals
24 – Pepsi 1 BB 2 @
Green Hill
28 – WPGA Chester River,
1 BB 2

8 –  BTD Ladies Member-
& 9    Guest
13 – WPGA Great Hope,
1 BB 2
16 – BTD Beat the Pros
20 – Wild Quail Invitational
25 – DWGA Red, White, Blue
Scramble, Newark CC
26 – WPGA Championship,
Wild Quail
27 – WPGA Championship,
Wild Quail

28 – Beach and Bay Cottage Tour
WGA volunteer opportunity

6 – BTD Night Golf
9 – WPGA Sr/Super Sr Champ
Nutters Crossing
9 –  DWGA Sr Championship
& 10    Maple Dale
13 – BTD Member-Member
16 – WPGA Maple Dale,
2 BB 4
18 – WPGA Officer Apprec.
The Rookery North
22 – DWGA Blue/Gold
Fieldstone Golf Club
23 – Eastern Shore Invitational
27 – BTD Club
& 28     Championship

1 – WPGA Captains Cove
2 BB 4
5 – BTD Labor Day Scramble
12 – WPGA Kings Creek
2 BB 4
13 – Ocean City Invitational
27 – Interclub vs. CC @ BTD
28 – Interclub vs. CC @ CC

5 – Prospect Bay Invitational
6 – Kings Creek Invitational
17 – DWGA Four Ball Champ
Heritage Shores
22 – BTD Beat the Pros
22 – Member Closing Party
27 – DWGA Team Challenge

Cripple Creek

2016 Board Members
Anne Sarao, President
Karen Sergison, Vice President
Marie Curran, Secretary
Maureen McCollum, Treasurer
Kathy Murray, Sunshine Lady
Danette Travaglini, Bears on Wheels
Maureen Gallagher, WPGA Rep
Donna Tanguay, DWGA Rep

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