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Hello to all our WGA members!!

It was a busy golf season in 2015 and the new Board is working hard to make 2016 another fabulous year!! 

We have some news to share with all of you and a sneak peek on what we are working on for 2016!! 

Member Survey Results:     Thank you for your responses. Your feedback is very important to us!!!  The survey highlighted several areas of interest to the members:  golf education, recognition of participating members and social golf activities. The Board will focus many of its efforts on those items throughout 2016.  Additionally, there was some feedback in the survey about items that are either already offered by the club or that do not fall under the WGA jurisdiction since they are club run events.  For example, there were requests for couple events which the club already offers (i.e. holiday tournaments, glow golf outing).  There were also requests for events geared to higher handicap players. Again , all the club tourneys use handicaps and to the extent we have participation at all levels, such as in the club championship, there would be multiple flights for all handicap levels.  Nevertheless, the Board will be working with and providing this feedback to the Pro Staff to see if there are additional ideas, tourneys etc. that can be done here.   

WGA By laws: Thanks for all the responses received.  The WGA by laws have been adopted and will be posted on the new WGA site and found by clicking here.

Communication: Communication to members is important and there are many venues available today. We will continue to share a newsletter with our Members.   We have updated the format to include a calendar of events.    We plan to publish monthly from October through April and then more often May through September.   Please be sure we have your most current email address.

Bear Trap Club launched a new website this year and we will have a page on this site which will provide basic information and a link to our Facebook Page.   The Facebook Page is Public so you do not need to join Facebook to view.  Our website address of www.btdladies.com will take you to the page.  We will use the Facebook page to list events, links to the newsletter, pictures and other updates.  If you are a Facebook member, you can like the page and information will be pushed to your Newsfeed.

There is lots of information to share with our membership and your on-going feedback is important.  Please feel free to contact our Board Members if you have questions or want to provide further input to activities for 2016.  Please look for our WGA Membership letter and WGA Registration Form in January.  

 Sunshine News

We are happy to report that both Mo Z and Mo Jones are well on the road to recovery after battling serious illnesses.   We continue to send prayers and best wishes to them both for their continuing recovery.

Danette Travaglini and Mary Bucklew are both recovering after knee replacement and Achilles surgery, respectively.  Elie Heeger is at home, recovering  from gall bladder surgery.  We look forward to having them all up and around and back on the golf course

Sunshine Lady:  Kathy Murray
If you have information you would like to share with the WGA@ BTD membership, contact Kathy.

WPGA Information
Women’s Peninsula Golf Association

We will be sending out more detailed information about how to join this organization. In the meantime, if you have questions please contact Maureen Gallagher, our BTD rep for the WPGA at mhg21146@yahoo.com.
Visit their website @ wpga-md-del.org/
BTD Rep:  Maureen Gallagher

DWGA Information
Breaking News!  Dues for 2016 will be reduced from $50 per year to $40 per year.  Also, the Bash to the Beach is scheduled for May 10-11 at the Peninsula and Bayside.

We will be sending out more detailed information on how to join this organization.  In the meantime, if you have questions please contact Donna Tanguay, our BTD rep for the DWGA at donnatanguay74@gmail.com.

Visit their website at http://www.dwga.org/
BTD Rep:  Donna Tanguay

  Giving Back

The WGA@BTD members support various charitable organizations.

Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition & The Dunes Pink Classic

First Tee National Program @ Laurel DE
Garrett Lydic, father of our young players Sarah and Hannah, a physical education teacher in Laurel, DE, is seeking funds for the program.  Click here for details.

Bears On Wheels

Contact: Danette Travaglini

Danette will work with Alex and Justin to  coordinate tee times for road trips to area courses.   Stay tuned for more information in upcoming issues.

  Quick Tip

Playing golf in warmer locations this winter where their golf seasons are open?  Don’t forget to post those scores.  It is easy to do online at www.dsganetwork.org.  If you do not have your username and password, contact the Bear Trap Dunes Pro Shop (Mike or Justin) for help.

Wonder why we don’t post scores in Delaware between November 1 – March 31?  Here is a brief explanation and a link to the USGA site for more information.

The reason is that the courses in areas with seasonal handicaps are generally not in “playing condition” in the winter months, so your handicap should not be penalized (or adjusted at all) for sub-optimal playing conditions.  If you play in an area where they have a year round season, you should still post your score (either online, or when our system opens back up 4/1).  Here is the full USGA explanation for it: www.usga.org/Handicapping/handicapping-101/active-but-inactive-25494.html

Upcoming Golf Events


10 – WPGA Match Play
10 – Bash to the Beach
@ Peninsula
11 – Bash to the Beach
@ Bayside
17 – WPGA Match Play
24 – WPGA Match Play

6 – Dunes Pink Classic
7 – WPGA Match Play
13 – DWGA Amateur
14 – DWGA Amateur
16 – WPGA Match Play Semi
21 – WPGA Match Play Finals
24 – Pepsi 1 BB 2 @
Green Hill
28 – WPGA Chester River,
1 BB 2

13 – WPGA Great Hope,
1 BB 2
20 – Wild Quail Invitational
26 – WPGA Championship, Wild Quail

9 – WPGA Sr/Super Sr Champ
Nutters Crossing
23 – Eastern Shore Invitational

6 – WPGA Bear Trap Dunes
20 – Ocean City Invitational
27 – Interclub vs. CC @ BTD
28 – Interclub vs. CC @ CC

4 – Prospect Bay Invitational

2016 Board Members
Anne Sarao, President
Karen Sergison, Vice President
Marie Curran, Secretary
Maureen McCollum, Treasurer
Kathy Murray, Sunshine Lady
Danette Travaglini, Bears on Wheels
Maureen Gallagher, WPGA Rep
Donna Tanguay, DWGA Rep

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